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I’ve thought many times about starting a blog. How should I start it? What should it be about? Do I want people to know it’s me? Is a blog pointless? Well… here goes nothing.

In August 2017, my husband and I decided to throw away the birth control. We want to try as naturally as possible. No stress. If it happens it happens sort of style…

Background on me. I had two uteruses. I had one removed when I was in college. During surgery they also discovered I had severe endometriosis throughout my entire body cavity. I was then told to start taking birth control pills straight through without the week break/placebo pill week. Result = no more periods! Doctors said it was healthy and fine and I had absolutely no complaints of not having my period every month.

It’s now January 1st 2018!


2 thoughts on “First blog post”

  1. Blogs come in all shapes and sizes as I’m sure you’ve discovered. I too have wrestled with those same questions and more…Here’s my two cents worth. I personally am drawn to writers who keep it real/ real life/ and not the sanitized version either. Don’t write just to write…write because if you don’t you’ll explode. Better is one post every few weeks that draws me in, than trying to crank out several that have no fire (energy/ passion, etc.) I can still remember my first couple of posts…and the awe that my thoughts, my words could be shared literally around the world..and that complete strangers would read them and interact with me about what I’d said. To this day, it still blows my mind. I’ll close with a quote I have above my desk on this topic…(couple of years ago, when I was second guessing myself as a blogger, etc. I wrote about that issue..several of my readers @ that point did respond to my questions.. This quote is from one of them to me; ” Write about what interests you and do the best job you can. Publish it, and them move on to the next thing. (If you don’t move on, you risk one of two things. If your piece is good, you’ll spend too much time patting yourself on the back. If it’s bad, you’ll beat yourself up. Write and let go. If people offer comments or criticism, consider them, but don’t be ruled by them. For heaven’s sake, don’t worry about the numbers.” 🙂 There you have it. Welcome to the blog world! DM

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