We have an appointment next week. FINALLY! After all the hoops we needed to jump through to meet with my specialist who performed my surgery to remove my extra uterus ten years ago or so… the one who discovered that I’m diabetic… FINALLY we get to see him again. LUCKILY for us… he still works there! 😅

On another note… got my hair cut/styled today and it looks NOTHING like the pictures I showed my stylist. I cried when I got home and really looked. Not because it looked awful… it actually looks fine just not what I was hoping for… I cried because I felt bad that my stylist didn’t get it and I don’t want to hurt her feelings.

Oh and random fact of the day in case you were curious.. woke up in the middle of the night with my feet throbbing. I think I need new exercise shoes!

One thought on “Appointment”

  1. A lot of us with endometriosis have endocrine issues like PCOS, Thyroid Disease, and DM. I wish when a doctor made a correct diagnosis of one of these, all the others would be evaluated as well so we could feel better faster. Instead it can up to 20 yrs to get the correct treatments one at a time. 😦

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