HSG Test

The Thursday before I started this blog I had an HSG Test. What’s that? Well it was super fun let me tell you… can you hear the sarcasm in my voice?

In order to schedule your HSG test you must first call the specialist’s nurse the day you start your period. If they don’t answer and you leave a zillion messages and they don’t call back the same day… call back the next day and try every extension until someone picks up! (You know because if not then you’re going to wait another month or more waiting for your period to return and since you’re still trying you might have to take more hopeful pregnancy tests and Christmas is Sunday.)

Then they schedule you for when your period should hopefully be over and they give you a bunch of directions. If you mess up then you start completely over.

1. Go to lab and take urine pregnancy test two days before scheduled HSG

2. Pick up antibiotic that may make you naseuous.

3. Take pill every morning and night with food for 5 days starting the day before your scheduled test.

4. Bring 0 children and 1 responsible adult to the appointment. (Do I bring my husband then or? Just kidding…)

5. Also pick up one 800mg pill of ibuprofen. Take 1 he before scheduled test.

We end up having to drive to a Kaiser quite far from where we live because the offices that can perform the HSG near us are closed/don’t have any more available appointments because of NYE weekend.

Once there I am told my husband must wait in the lobby. I ask how long it should take because I’ve watched enough television these days where he will come find me if I’m gone too long let me tell you. She says “15 minutes”. The look on my face must’ve made her second guess herself because she quickly changed to “15-20”. I inform my husband and then follow her down the hall.

I go in to what looks like an operating room and am given a robe and told I can keep my top on… even my shoes if I want… but to take off my pants and underwear. Oh yay!

I come back out. (I left my socks on but left my ankle booties off in case you were wondering.) I get on the table and she explains that the doctor will come in and insert a catheter up inside and then pump iodine to see if my tubes are open or closed.

When the doctor arrives I try to explain to him that in my case I believe I only have one tube that’s actually connected. He said he thought so based on what he had just read but wasn’t able to pull up any images.

After trying the initial catheter apparently it didn’t work so they had to try another which was successful. I had to lift my hips up on to a pillow to help with the angle while my vagina was being pryed open but hey it all worked out. Then they slid the xray machine over the top of my stomach and pulled a screen around where I was invited to watch. The iodine flowed perfectly on my right side. Nothing happened on the left. The tube and ovary were there but not attached to anything.

Moments later. Everything is out of me. I’m sitting up on the pillow leaking iodine out of me while the doctor tells me it’s open and looks good… that I might have spotting and that if I’m still bleeding in two days then I probably have an infection and it’s serious so I’d need to call.

“So.. call on Saturday evening/Sunday morning; the day of NYE?”
“Uh well yeah… hmm.. yeah… you’ll just probably go to the hospital then.”

I’m given a pad and allowed to go get dressed. Dressed now, the nurse gives me directions to get back down the hall and into the lobby… so I walk back out alone and find my husband.

With his arm around me, we trek to the parking lot and hop back into the car to start the trip home.

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