Yes. Winter Break is Over.

I go back to school tomorrow… I mean work. I teach Kindergarten. I am so excited to go back and see all 26 of my little ones! We spend 7 hours a day together for 180 days. We become a family. We are each other’s biggest cheerleaders.

Why don’t I know if I want children of my own? What is wrong with me? Not sure what I’m afraid of really. But getting asked “Do you have kids?” “When are you going to have kids?” And my favorite from a student that really stung… “Are you ever going to have kids?” over and over makes me question myself.

For the longest time, ever since I can remember, I never wanted to have kids. I told my Mom that I didn’t want kids. My Mom has told me many times that I used to tell her that. What’s changed now? Why am I now saying “Do I want children?”

Yes. I teach Kindergarten. Yes. I have taught ballet to young girls and boys, swim lessons to kiddos, was the supervisor for the kid’s club at a popular gym, coached junior cheerleaders, tutored algebra, etc.

Yes. I wish I was 100% for having children and yes, I’m equally 100% unsure.

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