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More questions. Finally had our doctor appointment with the infertility specialist. Guess what they don’t tell you!? You get to have another lovely naked session before you actually get to sit down and talk. My husband was there this time to see me get naked and have a breast exam and then they checked out my uterus and tubes and ovary… couldn’t see one because it was too high up but saw the other. Also asked if I shave my mustache area, belly button area and/or my hoo-ha.

Overall everything pretty good. Was told the lining of my uterus is pretty thin but it could just be because I’ve been on the pill for 10+ years. He also said having twins is not in my future. Very sad news. I actually thought twins would be ideal. What’s left of my uterus is smaller than average. My husband needs to go back in for some more tests.

Nurse said our insurance is 50/50 coverage. Specialist said IVF might need to be the direction we have to go based on husband’s second round of results. My husband said he’ll go do everything tomorrow on his day off.

Did you know he said IVF costs $15-20k!?

I mean. I knew it was expensive but holy wow! Geez.


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