Bright and early, my husband woke up on his day off and went to Kaiser to complete more tests. The doctor hadn’t put in an order for one of his tests so now he has to wait and go back in on Monday. He also was supposed to fast for another one so he needs to go back for that as well.

Speaking of tests, I am on the STEM (Science; Technology; Engineering; and Mathematics) team for my school district. We had a meeting after school today and it was all about how students will be assessed aka tested on science starting next year in the area of science. Why do we need to test everything? There is so much extra pressure on testing that there isn’t time left to just enjoy learning… to enjoy the process of learning.

I am a planner. I have weighed pros and cons of having my own children. One reason I have thought that not having kids would be okay is simply because kids today are so mean. I wouldn’t want my children to have to deal with being bullied or learning, at an early age, how evil people can be.

Looking back on it, in high school I had an extremely tough time. My freshman year I was the cheer captain for the entire year. I was in AP courses. I loved school. My sophomore year I was a cheerleader again; I still had my awesome group(s) of friends. Then, that summer, everything shifted. In so many words, I quit cheerleading; I had an amazing boyfriend at a different high school; but all my friends left me.

I was blamed for ruining the cheer squad when I quit. My “best” friend didn’t want to be friends any more along with the rest of my friends. I was body-checked into a metal locker. I got hate notes in my locker. My parents had meetings with the principal but it was all just dismissed.

College was fun. I graduated with a major and a minor in 4 years. Then I went back to school and got my teaching credential (S). Yes. 4 additional.

Most of all the high school ridiculous I was just able to brush off my shoulder. None of it seemed to bother me then as much as I realize now that it truly did affect me.

But listen. I teach Kindergarten as we all know. AND the kiddos are so mean sometimes. I am flabbergasted at what I see and hear from them sometimes at just 4, 5 and 6 years young! Where does it come from!? Where do they see/learn it from?!

Can we test that!?

Can we test where ill will and bad behavior originate from? Can we test human kindness, positivity and overall social stability? Can we test real life?

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