Mail Came Today

Our infertility specialist said #AmazonPrime was the best place to buy #Clearblue digital ovulation tests inexpensively. We ordered on the drive home. It arrived today so we’ll see if we get any smiley faces next month!

Went and saw my hair lady for a follow-up hair fix appointment. I asked her if I could ask her a personal question and she wasn’t too sure… so I just blurted out, “Why didn’t you end up with kids? Did you guys have problems or did you not want kids?” Gosh… typing it sounds like I was super insensitive but I wasn’t. I promise. My hair lady has been my hair lady since I could even get a haircut… so basically for life.. my entire life… which means we’re kind of friends. Which means I was prepared for her to ask me why I was asking her this in the first place.

She said they had wanted children. They did all sorts of tests and everything came back normal. They tried a lot and it just never happened. I asked about IVF and she said they just didn’t decide to go that route. And. She never asked me why I was inquiring.

My hair fix turned out much better too.

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