Tired. So Tired.

Not sure why I’m so tired. I taught yoga this morning like I do every Saturday. I teach two classes back-to-back. It’s not hard or exhausting. I love the opportunity to give people space and time to just be.

Got my nails fixed. The lady who normally does my nails has been out of the country for two months now. Haven’t had much luck with the other technicians. I just went in there last Saturday and my nails were already breaking by Monday. The owner of sorts came by and told me to always please tell her because they want to keep their clients and they’re always training etc. I just always feel bad about complaining. It feels like complaining anyway… like with my hair lady. I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. But my uncle always insists on getting what he pays for. We all should too. Right?

Have you seen the movie previews for Forever My Girl? I think I want to see it? Will I cry? Probably. Should I not go see it just to protect myself from things I think I might want but can’t have? I think the answer to this is no.

MyEndoStudy.com is another commercial that keeps flashing by on the television. Maybe it’s a sign that I should check it out? Anyone else out there have any thoughts?

Took a 4 hour give-or-take nap after lunch. Perhaps I’m so tired because my mind is constantly occupied. Teaching is like you’re on stage. Teaching kiddos is coming up with instant answers/decisions faster than some doctors. Another reason why “What do you want for dinner?” isn’t super high on my priority list.

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