Some people…

make babies and some people don’t. How much do we really want to mess with that? There’s this whole “survival of the fittest” mentality and then science interferes.

Maybe we’re just not meant to keep producing. We’re fizzling out our lineage. How much should we test our fate? The fate of not only ours but potentially the fate of our unborn child(ren)?

I briefly looked up that and it’s not for women thinking about getting pregnant so I’m out on that adventure. Plus I’m not so sure about unknown medications. I’m not so sure about unknowns in general. Ha.

Putting away Christmas decorations (yes today) and organizing them in to boxes that matched, made me want to throw away half of it. Why am I saving ornaments from our grandmothers? Why do I have an entire box full of dancing and singing snowmen from #Hallmark that my child(ren) might enjoy someday? Ended up with a box full of random decor to bring to my classroom. Still need to finish tomorrow.

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