Babies Galore

Another friend of mine posted a picture of her one week old baby. I think #Facebook might explode with all the baby photos I’ve been seeing lately. Although I’m sure that’s what all people in this awkward stage feel like. Like when you buy a new car and you suddenly start seeing the same car everywhere. You thought you were going to be the cool one on the block with a car nobody else has but then they start raining out of the clouds into everyone’s driveways.

Yesterday my friend text me a photo of her soon-to-be daughter’s crib area because they put up her name surrounded by paper flowers I made. It’s precious. Maybe some day we’ll have a daughter.

My other friend started teaching Jazzercise today. I think her daughter is three and a half weeks old now? Dang! I don’t think I’d be able to do that. I can barely breathe as it is when I take those classes!

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