Anticipated Phone Call

My doctor called.

I had gotten a text message reminder that my appointment was today at 4:10 p.m. Normally with Kaiser it says if your appointment is a phone message or not. This one didn’t so I called to confirm that it was only a phone appointment and left a message. I also wanted to tell them I couldn’t answer the phone at 4:10 because I was giving my first presentation on the state standards for science to people in my school district from 3-5 p.m. I called again during recess and left another message. I then called and hit the number for “if you have a positive ovulation test and would like to schedule an appointment please press…” and spoke to someone who said “Oh did you call a little while ago and say you couldn’t answer because you’re doing something then?” Are you kidding me? If you heard the message why didn’t you call back or do something? So yes that was me. She confirms that it is a phone appointment and he “usually calls sooner than the scheduled time so don’t worry”. After back and forth about how I am still unavailable from 3-5 p.m. she says, “So when do you want him to call then?” I said any time after 5 should work or at 2:30? “Okay well we’ll see.”

Is it just me or do nurses come off as really incompetent at times? One of my good friends is a nurse and she wouldn’t have spoken to anyone like this. But at least my nurse (the specific one for my specialist) called me later to reconfirm everything and was super sweet about it all.

So at 5:10 he called. He asked if it was an okay time and it was perfect because I was literally getting in to my car to drive home.

This is what he had to say…

Not in any specific order…

The best news was that he remembered me. At our first appointment it slightly bothered me because I didn’t feel like he fully remembered me… that something was distant or off or just different. He told me at the end of our phone conversation that he remembered me with my maiden name. I wasn’t married back then (2004). I actually hadn’t even met my husband yet.

Other things he said… my egg count is good… my uterus should be able to hold a baby just not multiples… I did have some scarring from the endometriosis way back when… if we do another surgery he’d like to remove the extra fallopian tube to avoid any possible ectopic pregnancies…

Husband now needs to see a specialist.

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