No Thanks

For the past three days or so I’ve been airing on the “No thanks. I’m good.” side of whether or not to have children.

Most blogs that I’ve been scrolling with infertility issues focus on how badly they want children. That “life isn’t fair”. Then they hate on women with children and are very “oh woe is me”. Maybe I’m not being super compassionate and understanding with the way I’m saying this but the point is that where are all the blogs and women who have infertility issues who might just be okay with the outcome… not want to push it any further… not mess too much with fate…!? Am I the only one?

Why isn’t it black and white for me? I give it so much thought and I think it’d be incredible to have children. My husband would be the perfect father. But I don’t know. Would I be the perfect mother? Am I too selfish? Too lazy? Too insecure about the unknown? Do I want to go through everything and get my hopes up?

Lately it’s been the “No thank you.” frame of mind. It’s easier that way. I can protect myself. I can protect my husband and my parents.

No need to set anyone up for disappointment. We could get another dog…

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