Two Days in a Row

I’ve been in trainings for two days in a row. I haven’t gotten to see my kindies because I had to have a substitute. I got the guy the kids all love and the moms drool over. He’s my go-to guy!

I was supposed to sub myself, for a friend tonight, at the yoga studio but my trainings went so long I had to get a sub for that too. I’m in a weary state of mind.

My husband still hadn’t gotten a call from the specialist so he emailed our specialist yesterday asking what was going on. Today our specialist called and said he was sorry with what had been going on, (he lost a dear friend suddenly to leukemia last Wednesday) he forgot and to please expect a call sometime next week to set up an appointment. With all these weeklong waits it’s going to be the end of February by the time he gets any real answers.

I cried today a little. Maybe from being disappointed I couldn’t teach yoga this evening even though weeks ago I had said I could sub; maybe because I missed my students; maybe simply because I saw a commercial about Disneyland and looked at my husband and said, “We probably won’t have kids to do that with.”

And he looked back at me and said, “That’s okay. We can still go together.”

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