100th Day of School

Today was our 100th day of school. In kindieland this is a big deal. One of my favorite teacher friends dressed up like Sadie the 100 Year Old Lady (her 100th day was yesterday). I honestly didn’t feel nearly as prepared as I usually like to be for big days such as this but I think I pulled it off.

My students had a blast. We made 100 gumballs (with our fingerprints) in a gumball machine. We counted our 100 things we all brought in and sorted them into ten frames and then did a window walk to see everyone’s work. We made Cheerios and Fruit loops necklaces and we practiced writing our numbers 0-100! Oh and we also took our pictures with this aging app that made us look 100 years older!

But all this 100 talk made me think about getting older. Will I be okay without children? It definitely is NOT a reason to have children but some say they need their children because who will take care of them when they’re older?

I had a similar talk with my brother when we had the lunch a few weeks ago. I asked him if he would take care of me and he made a good point that I should be setting myself up to take care of myself. I’m proud to say I’m working on that currently. I’m pretty good already but there are some other steps to ensure everything is in place.

Taking care of oneself financially is one thing but I also have been more interested in the health and wellness aspect. I’ve always been fairly active but with probably too long of dry spells in between. So even though I’m up and about teaching… teaching kindergarten and teaching yoga and teaching family yoga… I’m going to try to be better at a regularly scheduled activity for me.

Who’s going to take care of you at 100? The answer should ultimately be simple. It should be you.

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