Oh my goodness!

Can I tell you how much I hate typos!?

Maybe it’s my Journalism degree. Maybe it’s my love of the English language and writing whole-heartedly.

I had a roommate in college and her degree was in English. She wanted to teach high school English when she graduated. I’m pretty sure she does, too. (We’re just #Facebook friends and that’s all now.) She couldn’t spell. Her grammar and punctuation was a mess. I was and still am flabbergasted at how she graduated.

I don’t get it. How do people just get away with being published and yet their writing is all over the place. Yes, there’s autocorrect and texting is another ball game but if you’re really taking yourself seriously…

Seriously try… spell check… look it up in the dictionary… but my best go-to?!

RE-READ your work! I didn’t do that after my last post and I just read it and wow. One word can just make you look incompetent. (I’ve since fixed it and don’t even remember what it was already but still…)

Another good one… my Mother instilled in me… It’s a good one, too. After you re-read have someone else read it. This is good because sometimes when you read something over, something you wrote, your mind will insert the words as you read… even if they’re not even written down.

The mind is tricky like that.

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