I read a fantastic article today. Every word I read I thought “Yessss!” The only bad part was that I wish I had written it.

The Silent Tragedy

Every ounce of my being wants to share this with my class parents. I want to post it on the school website. It’s so true.

The answer is you… parents.

Stop playing the blame game. It’s not any of the following excuses…

1. Their peers

2. Their peers’ parents

3. Their teacher

4. Their school

5. What they see on television/video games/the internet/social media

6. Their clothing options

7. Their toys

8. Boredom

No! It’s not any of those things. All of those occur because of you and what you’ve allowed them to be exposed to.

They do not know the blame game until you teach it to them. They don’t know staying inside versus going outside until you’ve given them those tools. They don’t know materialism until they’ve witnessed it firsthand. They don’t know the meaning of the word until you’ve shown them the excuse.

Let’s allow children to be children.

Let’s allow parents to be parents.

Stop judging. Stop perfection… the idea of perfection. Just stop it.

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