I signed up for a challenge at the local Jazzercise studio. 24 classes in 28 days! So far I’ve taken one class! I can’t go on Saturdays because I teach two yoga classes back-to-back. Tomorrow I’m going in the morning.

The studio offers three early morning classes during the week. By early I mean class starts at FIVE THIRTY a.m. I refuse to get up any earlier than five a.m. When I did cycling this worked out alright because those classes began at five forty-five a.m. Now, in the last year, I’ve only made it to one early morning Jazzercise class. I need to get back in the swing of things.

Luckily I only live about 10 minutes away from the studio with mostly green light traffic.

I just ♡love♡ sleep. I think the average person needs eight to nine hours a night? I need like 12 hours! Just kidding… maybe… But really I think I need more sleep than “average”. I even wrote to my normal doctor and she put in some lab work I should follow-up on next week.

But Jazzercise. When you hear “Jazzercise” tell me you don’t think of older ladies in tights with leotards and leg warmers… oh and those weird headbands that they wore on top of their hair like a tiara so it’s really not doing anything like getting hair out of your face or anything but instead just matting your sweaty hair into your head even more!?

Well it’s a fantastic work-out! I weighed myself the first day (156.7 lbs and 36.9% fat according to #FitbitAria scale). I’ll post what I’m like at the end. I don’t plan on changing anything as far as my diet etc. There have been some articles about how Jazzercise is still around for a reason. (Shape Magazine Article on Jazzercise)

My husband is sweet. He says we are work-aholics and that’s why when we are home we take good, long naps. Our bodies need it he says.

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