Self-Care Sunday

“Are you okay?” a random lady asked me this today at the end of the Jazzercise class this morning. I smiled and assured her that yes I was okay. Then we put our mats and weights away and she came up to me again, “No really. Are you sure? Are you okay? You just look sad.” I told her that I was just sore.

Geez. Off and on today now I’ve been questioning the way I look. Do I look sad? Do I have that “resting bitch face” that people have claimed to have? I thought my morning was off to a great start. I did fairly well in class too… completed a majority of the songs full-out. My friend taught the class and had to be video-taped to keep her status current. She just had a baby a few days before Christmas and she’s been back and killing it! I wish I had energy like she does.

After class I got a free Jamba Juice because they had a deal back in December and I suddenly remembered that I was supposed to get one free in January and one in February! I completely forgot for January. When I got home I cuddled with my dog for a bit and then went and picked up my Mother.

Our nail girl is finally back from her trip to Vietnam to visit her family. Happy dance!! I also had her friend do my nails and they turned out perfectly for Valentine’s/my birthday month. Got my eyebrows done too.

At home I did this face mask that my friend had given me for a Christmas gift. My husband said I looked like I was going to rob a bank. It was so funny. I’ve never done a hydrating mask before but now my skin feels extra soft.

All in all I don’t think I have a sad face. I feel confident in being myself. Maybe I did look sad to her but what matters is how I feel inside.

Anyone else had a similar experience?

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