Give Them Something to Talk About

“You’ve lost so much weight!”


“You’ve lost so much weight!”


“Yes. I mean since the last time I saw you. I’ve been meaning to tell you.”

“Ha. Well thank you!”

Apparently I’ve been giving people something to look at these past few days at Jazzercise. Also I don’t think I’ve lost weight at all since the last time this particular lady saw me in class. Maybe I might be a little more toned? Not sure.

The thing is, I highly encourage people to give compliments or express concern. I try to do this myself when applicable with others. Yet since it’s happened to me twice recently I’ve come to question it slightly. I’m pretty self-aware and I think I’m heightened to it currently so maybe I’ll stick to my original advice of speaking up and voice compliments and concerns when appropriate; however, think twice before you voice your thoughts.

Here I am hours after class still contemplating what a stranger shared with me… days after what another stranger expressed (see Sunday’s post). Weird; right?

See. I know I am not sad. I know I didn’t lose weight… well I don’t really weigh myself to begin with but I happen to have been going to quite a few doctors appointments as of late. Yet… I’m over thinking it. Did I look sad? Why? Am I sad and I don’t even know it? Did I lose weight and not even notice? Maybe my clothes are fitting a little differently?

Strong people can both give compliments and concerns. Strong people should be able to take compliments and concerns.

Share a time that you received a compliment or concern and questioned it. Maybe you gave a compliment or concern and you never thought to question it until now… share away my friends… share away…

Also… today was day one of my ovulation kit finally… blank face… no smiley face…

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