2nd Time Around

The first time we got an IUI was April 8th. There were so many signs that this was going to be the time it only took one try. #oneanddone

It was happening on the 8th. My husband’s favorite number is 8. We kept hearing the song by Bebe Rexha and Florida Georgia Line. My ID wristband was bedazzled in pink rhinestones. I was completely relaxed leasing up to the appointment.

I was even being overly cautious of random stuff. I text messaged my friend asking if it was okay to eat cheese strings; if it was okay to take allergy meds; etc.

At first I only told one friend. Then I told another friend. Then that friend told me I should tell another friend. I also told my mom and my father and brother.

I counted the days that our “maybe baby” was hanging in there. I made it all the way to 13 days and then I woke up on day 14 with a unpleasant surprise… started my period.

This time I haven’t really thought about it nearly as much. It’s only day 5 and just knowing you can get that close with everything practically perfect just reinforces to me that “if it’s meant to be, it’ll be”.

I’ve only told one friend. I almost told a co worker but then the timing of that just didn’t fit any more and then I didn’t want to after all. My mom also knows because she went with me to the appointment this time (which means my Dad knows) because my husband had work.

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