2nd Try = Failed

Started my period last Wednesday. One day before I could check and see if I was pregnant. We also took couple photos with my aspiring photography bestie. I was secretly thinking these photos could be the end of the two of us and the start of three of us. Oh well. I hope she didn’t think I was in a rotten mood. I think I handled it well. The pictures and the evening lighting turned out beautifully!

I completely forgot to report to my doctor that I had started. With Clomid and Letrozole (which is what they had me take the second time) you’re supposed to take the meds 3 to 5 days after you start. I woke up Sunday morning of Memorial Day weekend suddenly remembering this and called. Of course nobody answered so I left a message on both lines… including the one where you’re only supposed to call it if you get a positive on your ovulation kit a.k.a. a smiley face. The nurse from that line called me back, only slightly lectured me about when to call (on the day you start your period) and what line to call (not that one), and then was able to get me a same day appointment that very morning!

You see, you have to have an appointment to confirm you’re not pregnant (basically remind you that when you checked and started your period that you were really right and you’re still really not pregnant) and they check your ovaries and whatnot while you’re bleeding out of your vagina. It’s the best kind of appointment yet. (Just kidding!) So that was my second one of those… First time I was lucky and somehow avoided that part.

Got the meds. Today was day 3 of taking two tiny pills.

Tomorrow I’ll let you know what my husband and I have ultimately decided. We had a discussion yesterday and then another one today while driving out of town to pick up a beautiful table I found for less than half the original cost for my classroom!

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