Not Tomorrow but Close Enough

School’s out for summer!

I am committing to daily blogging again. #postaday I’m thinking that although this started out as a way for me to share my infertility story, writing about the ups and downs constantly can’t be good for overall mental health; especially when it’s been primarily negative outcomes at this point.

There is so much more to me than getting pregnant or not. I’ve been super inspired by a few bloggers lately (@hisugarplum, @livinginyellow and @katiedidwhat).

I think I’ll start expanding this blog because I really love to write. My major in college was Journalism with an emphasis in Public Relations. My minor was Recreation Administration. My plan when I graduated was to work for a major hotel company and travel and write for them.

My how things change.

Oh… and as promised, my husband and I decided if the third time isn’t the charm with IUI, then we’re not going to continue. We also decided that unfortunately IVF is too expensive for us at this time. We ordered Fertile Aid for my husband to try. It’s supposed to arrive tomorrow. Reviews said people got pregnant within a month of taking it but who knows. We figure it can’t hurt so might as well give it a go. My only concern is that it won’t have been in his system for 30 days by the time I’ll probably need to go in for the last IUI appointment.

Here’s hoping…

And! Get ready for more fun topics to read from me. I’m thinking travel… fashion… teacher life… exercise… pictures… food… All of this sounds like a lifestyle blog-ish?!

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