Who Am I?

Have you really thought about who you are? Are you what you want to be? Are you what you’re supposed to be? Are you what you are because somebody else said so?

Are you happy?

I’ve found myself asking these questions lately. Might be another reason as to why the “About Me” section of my blog is still blank as can be. Another blogger commented that I hadn’t filled it out and that might be a way to obtain more followers. Still haven’t filled it out.

I know things that are parts of me. I’m part teacher, wife, daughter, sister, yogi, dog mom, writer, dancer, sorority sister, explorer, adventurer…

Also maybe these pieces make me… artist, mermaid, crafter, designer…

I get frustrated that I can’t come up with the best new thing. I don’t know what it is. It’s not necessarily about getting rich quick or even the fame and recognition. I just feel like I’m smart enough to think of something cool and useful but apparently I’m also equally not smart enough yet.

Share in the comments who you are. I’d love to get to know you.

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