Getting Older

“Why? Do you guys have a son who wants to work here or is looking for a job?” – the guy at the #In-N-Out drive through window.

What? Do we look like we could have a 16 year old child? Yikes! My husband just laughed but whoa. You guys… this is getting real!

Doesn’t help that just yesterday my Mom told me all about the things that happen when you start to get older that people don’t talk about. I’ll save you all from what those things might include.

We grabbed #In-N-Out on our way home from some of our closest friends’ son’s sixth birthday party. Best question of the party… “Which one is yours?”

Us in simultaneous chorus- “None.”

Puzzled faces get the same follow-up response that we don’t have any children currently.

Surprisingly nobody asked us if we plan on having kids or when.

Not surprisingly… a few people even smiled and nodded and without saying it implied enjoying freedom was maybe even a better idea.

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