Still No Smiley!

#Flo app was wrong. #Fitbit app is also wrong but I’ll forgive it since it’s new. According to the #Flo app my ovulation day should’ve been yesterday and according to the #Fitbit app it should’ve been seven days ago! I got so worked up and worried about it this morning that I couldn’t barely pee on the stick and then I didn’t get a smiley so I thought I didn’t pee enough or that it was broken so I peed on another about an hour or so later. Got the same result. The last two times it was seven days exactly so now I’m at day ten! This is definitely not an exact science; I don’t care who you are! Also makes planning things to do for summer around maybe having to go in for an appointment difficult since you can’t really explain your reasons to those you’re trying to make plans with.

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