Left a Message

Called my doctor and left a voice message. I’m confused why I haven’t gotten a smiley face yet. I keep counting days on my calendar on the past two times and it wasn’t this long!? I meant to ask my husband to count too just in case I’m losing my mind but he went to bed already.

I did a thing today by the way.

On the way I stopped at #DutchBros Coffee and got my fave blended iced chai with cinnamon sprinkles. And more importantly got an awesome compliment. Long story short, the girl asked me if I had any advice for her coworker who’s birthday was today (they had balloons and streamers up… another reason why I’m falling more and more in love with #DutchBros… I’ve honestly been a handful of times…) who was turning 23. I said to simply “enjoy it because it goes too quickly and then you’re old”. Ha! She looked at me and then was like but you’re not old!? She told me she was actually contemplating asking me for advice because she didn’t want to insult me if I wasn’t even 23 yet! Then she pulled the birthday girl over and asked her how old she thought I was and she also said she thought I was 25 and it was just so sweet. They continued to tell me that there was no way I was older… that I have such nice, clear skin etc!

Totally makes up for the drive-through window guy at #In-n-Out the other day!

I went and saw a completely new hairstylist and got a balayage! It’s really pretty you guys! She swears that doing this to your hair won’t affect pregnancy so since I’m basically just trying I figure it’s fine.

Until tomorrow y’all!

P.S. If you were the sweet ladies at #DutchBros today… a million hugs to you both!

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