Mini House Projects

Veggies and fruit are starting to grow! We’ve had a handful of strawberries already and some onions and tomatoes are starting to appear. My husband built large wooden planter boxes that are slightly higher than my knees and then we slowly bought enough soil to fill them. After that we bought baby plants and are watching them grow little by little. It’s been about two months now give or take.

My husband is so handy he also decided to install a french drain on our side yard so that our backyard will stop flooding every winter. Today he did the last load of rock and now all that’s left is to put the dirt back on top.

Another little project is our fireplace. When we first moved in approximately four and half years ago we tore down the faux rock from the 60’s. Last year (or maybe it was the year before) we had a mantle installed and painted and never put the tile on. Well guess what!? This weekend might just be the time our fireplace finally gets tile!

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