My husband is so handy! I think I’ve shared this before but he really is! Today we put up tile on the entire fireplace. By we I mean mostly him but still it looks amazing! I’m sitting here just staring at it. The television is on but I’m really just looking at how pretty our almost finished project truly looks. I say almost finished because it has to dry for 72 hours before we can put the grout and sealant on it and then ta-da! I did a story on Instagram if you’d like to check it out (@candiglitr). I’ve only done maybe two IG stories before so let me know what you think. I’ve been searching back in my photos for our original fireplace photos when we first bought the house so I can show a before and after so stay tuned. I’ll post it on IG probably too!

And in other news… no smiley! I think I messed up or something seriously. Anyone else have issues with consistency or I guess this would be inconsistency with positive ovulation between IUI’s? Why is this so confusing?

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