Sugar Scrub

Why can’t I get a smiley face? I really feel like I miscounted or the pee sticks are broken or I don’t know?! I ordered more but they don’t come until tomorrow but I used my last one today. Does it really matter what time you do the stick? Like do you pee on that one time during the hours suggested and then that’s it? Don’t you ovulate for an entire day so technically any time that entire day you should be able to pee on a stick and get a smiley face no matter what time it is? Thoughts anyone?

Tomorrow I’m going to try my first ever sugar scrub. Has anyone done that before? When I went to make the appointment I called first and got the answering machine and it said to leave a message or book your appointment online.

I decided to go online. Easy; right? I picked the date and said hair removal (the other option was massage). The next window opens and I swear there was a bazillion choices! Face, arms, underams, lips, chest, legs, bikini, Brazilian, Brazilian First Time, returning customer, etcetera! Everything cost a different price!

FYI- First time Brazilian Sugar Scrub is a 45 minute appointment for $75!

I decided to try and call again. A nice lady picked up and I explained that I’d like to try a Brazilian Sugar Scrub. That it’d be my first time but it’s not like I’ve never done any maintenance down there before. Next thing I know we’re going into details about if iI shave or wax, how long the hair should be, when’s the last time I did anything and so on. Ha! Tomorrow will be interesting.

Stay turned!

Oh and before I forget. I had a few ideas for starting this blog back in January. The main was to discuss infertility diary-style and that has since evolved as you’ve been following along. Another idea I had was to call it “Three Little Words” and every day just share three words that summed up my day or three things I was grateful for that day.

To honor this as one of my original ideas I decided I’m going to end each entry with “Three Little Words”. They may be the same every day who knows! I think it’ll be fun to see the culmination of words as the days and months progress. I’d like to invite you to share your “Three Little Words” in the comments with me.


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