Sugar Scrub Tell-All

No holding back… here’s the story from start to finish of today’s sugar scrub.

According to Google Maps it should’ve taken me 18 minutes to get to the sugar scrub location. I left with 30 minutes to spare. What if there was traffic? What if I couldn’t find parking? I also had to use the restroom a couple times before I left the house because I was getting nervous!

When I arrived, Google told me my destination was on my right and I turned in to the next parking lot. Apparently I drove right by it and went to the next business lot instead. I went back to the street planning on making a u-turn. Well that wasn’t allowed so I did an extended trip to get back around and promptly parked right out front.

Once inside I shyly waited in line by the register as someone else was paying. As I was noticing my surroundings, (it looked like a mini clothing boutique) the lady behind the counter brought me right back to the reality of my visit after eyeing me and I told her I was there for a 1:30 appointment. Starting to look at some jewelry, I heard her ask the lady in front of me to fill out a form, but she was actually asking me!

Since I obviously didn’t hear her, she came around from behind the counter, handed me a clipboard and asked me to fill out the form since it was my first time. She said I could sit in this tiny chair with a pillow.

I sat down and answered the questions like my name, birthday, address and email, referral’s name, allergies, if I was pregnant and on a separate line… how many months, my emergency contact and then after all that sign my name and date it.

When I finished I debated getting up to look more closely at the jewelry but instead I was greeted by the Sugar Scrubber. She introduced herself and asked if I needed to use the restroom or anything and I decided it’d be best to go one last time.

After that she led me down a hallway decorated with a chalkboard and some cute decor and then past a table with lotions and such and into another room with a table where there was a towel laid in the middle and a pillow at one end. She told me I could undress from the waist down, the towel was for me to sit on and the pillow was for my head. I smiled and nodded. She just turned around slightly and started mixing the sugar getting heated.

I waited and she turned back around and said I could put my clothes on the chair. She didn’t leave the room. I’ve had a few massages in my life and normally at this point they leave so you can undress and get on the table and put the sheet or whatever over you. They do it at the doctors too! She still didn’t leave.

So I just turned toward the chair took off my new Tory Burch sandals, my denim lace shorts and peach undies, turned back around and just hopped on the table trying to keep my hoo-ha somewhat covered with my tank top and hands. Totally normal.

She asks me to lie down and then instructs me to put my feet together and let my knees fall open in a butterfly-like position. Okay. It was like half #suptabaddhakonasana in yoga but… also half naked.

The conversation went from “How did you find yourself in this occupation?” to finishing with how she’s planning a trip to Mexico for her boyfriend’s birthday. She told me about how sugar is natural instead of wax. With sugar they go with the direction of how your hair grows and with wax they’d go against the grain. With sugar it’s room temperature and with wax it’s hot and can burn you and even tear off your skin along with the hair follicles.

She started on one side barely rubbing it; more like coating it; on in small patches and then pulling it off. For the first amount of tugs and pulls it only hurt like taking off a bandaid. Perhaps because it was on the outter edges closer to my inner leg but the pain was tolerable. Once it got closer to the center areas, I started to be a little vocal saying: “Oh wow!” and “Oh my gosh!” But I never felt the urgency to swear or scream or punch or kick! All in all this took about 25 minutes.

For the finale however you get to then turn onto your side facing away from her and help hold and spread your cheeks for a final intimate sugar scrub. She swears this part won’t hurt nearly as bad. And she was right. Afterwards she put some natural lotion that smelled like oranges and shea butter on my hoo-ha.

Just like that. I was done. I got off the table, hopped back into my clothes and sandals and all I could say was “Thank you.” I think I said it maybe 10 times. How awkward!

She walked me back out and grabbed her next client from the tiny chair with the pillow.

So I made my way back to the lady at the register and she said “Your total comes to fifty dollars. How would you like to pay?” Only I heard “Your total is two-fifty.” I said “My total is how much?” She says, “Comes to fifty.” Again I asked “Two hundred and fifty?” She says “No… no… It comes to fifty dollars.” We both laughed. I paid after sighing some relief (my balayage hair style last week was slightly more than $250) and then she asked if I wanted to leave a tip. I did in cash so she put it in an envelope and placed it back in the register drawer. How will I know if she got it? What do you normally do with gratuity in this situation? Did I do it right? Also how much would you leave? Just want to see if I left enough or too much?

I got home, ate some lunch and then picked up parents from the car rental place because they just got back from a week vacation. My husband and I then went to their house and ate pizza and swam in the pool. Although my hoo-ha was (and still is eight hours after my appointment) a blotchy, red color, it doesn’t sting or hurt or itch! Happy to report it’s very smooth to touch and not bumpy.

That, my friends, is the inside-scoop on sugar scrubbing for a first timer! Supposedly it should last four to six weeks!


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