Bad News

Friday (yesterday) went like this for me…

1. Woke up and got my nails done with my Mommy (also got my eyebrows threaded… raise your hand in the comments if you’ve tried it)

2. Lunch at a new (to us) Greek restaurant which was delicious

3. Michael’s stop for some paint and new brushes

4. Kaiser so I could update my TB

Got home and during these five adventure stops of my day I had been leaving emails and voicemails to Kaiser because #infertility #IUI #diabetes.

I emailed my infertility doctor twice this week without receiving a reply. This had be slightly upset and confused in addition to my upset state of mind that you are already aware of (no smiley faces)! Friday I called and left a message because I sort of started a period maybe on Thursday? (It was just barely light brown when I wiped.) Friday morning it was still not red blood but I was told to call the first day of my period so I called to be safe and left a message.

The nurse called back and told me I couldn’t be seen because I hadn’t been cleared by the perinatologist. After emailing him my sugars for the week I called and was transferred to his department and then hung up on. Called again and the lady gave us the wrong phone number. Called again and reached a front desk person who told us he wasn’t in for the day and then transferred us to a head nurse who didn’t answer so I left a message.

Email comes through from nurse so-n-so who “works closely” with our doctor who has asked her to inform us that we should set up an appointment and call this number blah blah. End of the email… “Just so you know Dr. will be retiring in Sept.

WAIT. Whaaaaat?

Perinatology nurse called back and said he was in the office and she would remind him to check and send clearance.

Home. Time to relax for a bit before going out with friends. Nope. The infertility nurse calls back to set me up with an appointment for Monday even though my period hasn’t really started. She says if it’s day two of brown then they count that day as the first day of your period and you need to be seen by day five. Then says I should probably go in and get a blood pregnancy test just to be sure.

I was juuuuuust there!

Ugh! Husband and I get in the truck and drive all the way back so I can run in to the lab before it closes because it’s not open on the weekend and she wants the test done before the Monday appointment she scheduled. At least there wasn’t a line.

Drove back home just in time for my friend to pick me up for a Girl’s Night which consisted of shopping a #CAbi sale; meeting up with our other friend to take four-year-old birthday pictures of said first friend’s daughter; dinner at a do-it-yourself pizza place; and of course wrapping it up with our favorite treat… fro-yo (at a place the majority of us had never been but it was yummy)!

Saturday now and I’m just waiting for my test results to pop up now…


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