Hot Mess Express

Hope y’all had a fun-tastic 4th of July first and foremost. It’s my absolute favorite holiday. This year things were a little different especially since it was on a Wednesday this year but we made it our own! We brought the 4th to my parent’s house but more on that later.

Now… last week I stepped on something at the beach. You know when you first walk in sometimes the sand isn’t as soft and enjoyable. Sometimes there’s trash and whatnot (unfortunately). I took off my sandals too soon! Flash forward to today and it’s still hurting. Looks like two puncture marks on the side of my left foot. I tried to make an appointment over the phone and I sound like a complete mess… I’ll spare you all of the details but we confirm I’m a diabetic and take insulin; I’m seeing specialists; I’m in infertility; I’m allergic to like three different kinds of medications and an assortment of nuts; ha! Then I’m transferred and go through the entire discussion yet again. All of this just to get my foot checked on. Long story short, they’re going to call me back to set up an appointment!

To add to this #hotmessexpress, I sent this text to my girlfriend group text yesterday…

“Update on Me… haven’t had a period in 6 weeks… thought holy moly I might actually be the p word… pregnant.. did a blood pregnancy test at Kaiser on Friday… normally they just send u results immediately and it says new test result and then negative… well I got NOTHING… So Monday comes n I have an appt with a nurse practitioner… I am #notpregnant… and I now get to take period-inducing meds for 10 days… they say “hopefully it’ll start by then”… if not I get to go back again”

So now we all know about me as of lately. How are all of you doing?


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