I’m probably not the only one with a Nordstrom Anniversary Sale story to share. But… in case you want to read one more… here’s an excerpt of a lengthy summary of mine sent to a head Customer Service rep because it was so good and then went so wrong.


Hi K.
It is 9:26 a.m. as I am writing to you this morning. I checked my debit account and currently my account is at $0.00 with 7 more purse charges (the $306.63 and the sweater twice $42.79). I am very worried about my credit score at this point. I have some thoughts about the situation.
I also called my bank when this first happened and they said if the store cleared everything or if it indeed was a glitch then it should be straightened out by 8 a.m this morning (Friday). This was the first encounter I had with someone questioning me and my finances as if I was some crazed shopper who couldn’t control myself.
This brings me to a fact I’d like to point out. I used to be a Nordstrom Level 4 card holder. I paid the card off last year and closed my account in the process. When the hype around the Anniversary Sale began I called to see if I could reinstate the card and I was told no but I could reapply. I asked if the 0% APR that will go until March 2019 could be included since I was a card holder prior to June 2018 before and was told no but I could still get a $20 note and when I asked about how isn’t it supposed to be $40 at this time I was scoffed at. So, therefore I decided to go with my Mother and forgo the option altogether.
We arrived at our fave Nordy’s around 11 a.m. We lucked out on parking after circling a few times because the parking lot was already jam-packed! Deciding to take our usual route around the store, we entered and went straight up the elevator and headed to the plus ladies’ section first. My Mother and I found her a few cute items including some new skinny jeans/jeggings and a HOT pink tank that wasn’t even on sale but she purchased it anyway. The experience in this department was sub-par. Even the Sales Associates we normally interact with weren’t too happy.
There was a line for both dressing rooms but only one lady even addressed the fact that we existed yet she was swamped with her guests and one smaller area/dressing room. She even came over to the other area to see if she could help find us a room over there while abandoning her current clients for a few moments. I wish I remembered her name. Eventually we got a room and when we poked our head out for help, sweet J? (My mind is slipping but I’m not even sure if this was her department.), helped us and then later found us in another line and helped ring us up.
While my Mother was being helped at the register, I went to the Women Intimate’s section and found the Natori bras and pack of Zella socks I wanted, saw the lady (B) who helps us from time to time and waved at her. She was helping a few ladies but waved at me and came over within a few minutes. She asked if that was all I needed; showed me the other colors; wasn’t pushy; and then took me to a register. I had a few returns and told her if she was busy I could take them with me to the next department because there was a line. She insisted it was fine and took care of everything in a few minutes with perfect timing because my Mother walked up right as we were finishing. All of the sales girls in this department were hustling with huge smiles on their faces!
We then mozied over to the Athletic Department where I quickly found the Zella high-waisted leggings I love and held back from temptation at buying anything else. (I teach yoga and attend Jazzercise on the regular so I have a bit of a collection of athletic wear one might say.) At this department, I had barely walked in and I was asked if I needed help and then assisted to a line at the register. I cannot remember her name either but I told the lady on the register and they made eye contact so I know she got to enter her ID for credit.
After this we walked through Free People, Chelsea28 and fancy jeans land. (Nobody helped here. Didn’t even see a Sales Associated around.) I found a few tops but jeans were all picked through at this point. We carried these items ourselves over to what I consider the main clothing area (Caslon, etc.) I found more cuteness in the form of tops and jackets mainly. Nobody asked us if we needed help or anything. We were in this area for about 45 minutes to an hour maybe because we did wander into the middle area with the Baubble Bar beauties. I saw __________ rushing by and made eye contact and she asked if I needed anything and so I asked if I could get a dressing room. She then saw our arms full and immediately grabbed everything and walked us to a room in the dresses section. She came back and checked on us once and brought new sizes in a different color option. When we were through she had us get in a line until she could find an open register which she promptly found us and brought us to. She was the second person who asked us about making it a 3x point day and told us briefly about the issues and then she took down our information in case it didn’t go through. She was very kind and helpful.
Noticing what time it was we quickly perused the growing HOME department and found a blanket and a candle. One lady helped us briefly when we had a question regarding if the quits came in Cal King (but to our dismay they don’t). She said she checked a couple. We got in line ourselves and someone else helped ring up that purchase. This ended our upstairs adventure.
Time for lunch!
After finishing up lunch and talking to my bank over the phone, we hurried back into the Nordstrom store and was told to go to the Customer Service desk by the escalator. My Mother was still looking at jewelry so she wasn’t with me. I went to the desk and spoke with a lady who judged me from the moment I hobbled up (yes I said hobbled because I had surgery on my foot on Tuesday yet still was committed to not missing out). Before I could explain the full story she was on the phone with the credit department (I believe because she didn’t tell me until later). When she asked to see my card and I gave her my debit card, she looked irritated and said “No, your Nordstrom card.” In which I replied that I don’t have one and that isn’t the card that got charged 10x. Someone on the phone answered and she says “Nevermind. This doesn’t concern you. She doesn’t even have a card.” and hung up without waiting for a reply from the other line.
She looked at me, appalled at the fact that I am trying to get help from her. I try to start to explain again and she cuts me off and says, “You need a card to get these prices. This event is for card holders only.” I wave to my Mother who is still in the jewelry area; she interrupts her shopping experience to come and see what I need. The Customer Service Rep, stands a little taller and looks to my Mother for answers. My Mother looks at me and then I start from the beginning.
“I understand there have been a lot of issues with the system today and was just looking at my bank account at lunch and was shocked to find it was zeroed out. When I looked at the charges, I found that I had been charged 10x for a Frye handbag I bought this morning on my debit card (showed her the same card as earlier). I know it is not a Nordstrom card however this is the one that was charged.” (At this point she is incredulous with her disbelieving face so I pull up my bank account on my cell phone and show her my private financing to convince her.) Then I tell her that my Mother is a card holder and ask my Mother to get out her card and show the lady.
She gets back on the phone (this is when she says with the credit department). My Mother decides to go look at shoes. I wait patiently with the lady. My Mother comes back; lady still on phone; I go look at shoes. I look up and am waved back over. I am introduced to L. the Store Manager.
Lisa apologizes because there has been a problem with the system and such and assures my Mother that she will be getting 10x points for all her purchases today. She then directs her attention to me and listens to my story… is a little confused (I show her my personal account information as proof) and then she calls you or someone in your department. She is told you are all in a meeting discussing the issues of Nordstrom’s Worldwide problems of the #NSale and that they’ll call her back soon. She gets my phone number and name again and says to expect her to call within an hour or so. Lisa was kind and understanding. I think if you ask her she would say the same about me/us.
We hadn’t touched the Men’s department yet so we went there and I spent another $131 on clothes for my husband. Hadn’t heard from L. yet so we left. About an hour passed and L. called explaining that you (K.) would be in touch with me shortly; that there were actually more than just the 10 charges; that she was sorry this happened; and that you would take care of me even if my bank couldn’t fix the overdraft charges.
About an hour and half later you called and we discussed that you faxed my bank because it was after hours; that hopefully everything would be solved in the morning; that if there were problems to please call you and/or email you. You gave me your direct line and work email. So here I am at 10:50 a.m. wrapping up this lengthy email to you to show my Anniversary Sale Nordstrom Experience in a nutshell.
I know today is probably going to be equally crazy and therefore thought email would be best.
I look forward to remedying this situation today seeing as how we are entering a weekend.

Today is Monday. My account is still like a Sudoku puzzle and items from the #NSale have already started to arrive.


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