Time Flies

Has it really been a month since I last wrote!? Wow. Here’s some updates… besides the first week of school already coming and going… Yes; it’s Tuesday of the second week now! We have had quite a lot happen on the infertility journey.

I took more Letrozole. I waited 6+ weeks for my period and then discovered I was still not pregnant. They gave me another med to take to try and get my period going. Finally it arrived (last Thursday).

During all of this we also discovered my infertility specialist is retiring (I might have posted about this previously?) and my husband redid tests to see if anything decided to start being more swimmingly active but to no avail. Test results were poor and even though my period did arrive as scheduled according to doctors and drug help we decided not to do another IUI.

A very stressful first week back to school and tears every single day, led to some serious #justthetwoofus talks. We decided the next step for us will be IVF. Since IVF is so costly, unfortunately, when the next step will occur is unknown.

I know I’ve said I’m 50/50 about having children. But now… now that the possibilities are even slimmer than ever before… I’m tearing up as I write this… now… now I find myself wishing that it wasn’t this way. The decision is now not really up to us at all. It’s been taken from us because of how we were made. Because of bodies we were born as and grown into.


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